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What to do in a Commercial Truck Accident

In Alaska, commercial vehicles can result in catastrophic injuries and damages when involved in a collision because of their enormous sizes. If a reckless driver or trucking firm was to blame for the collision, you are entitled to compensation. 

It would be best if you took crucial steps to fight for your rights after a commercial truck accident. An experienced lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. In this post, you will learn how to fight for fair compensation. 

Contact the Law Enforcement

If you contact law enforcement, a police officer will come to the accident scene. In Alaska, drivers must contact the police after a road accident occurs. The police will write a report that includes the accident scene’s physical state and witness testimony.

You want to write down their name, badge number, and the police department the responding officer represents so you may get a copy of the police report. The report is valuable even if you get it at a small fee. When you report your claim, the insurance adjuster will start their investigation. The police report is one of the things the insurance reviews.

Seek Immediate Medical Check Up

When calling the police, you could request an ambulance if you are seriously hurt. Paramedics should arrive at the scene and take you to the hospital. Often, many accident victims are unaware of their injuries. This is because your body produces endorphins and adrenaline in response to signals of stress and pain. These hormones temporarily numb your pain as your body and mind adjust to the stress of your injury. Even if you feel fine, it is advisable to get medical help. If you have any significant injuries, your doctor can advise you on monitoring signs of potential injuries and warning signs to note. 

Do Not Accept the First Settlement The At-Fault Party Offers

If you are in an accident, you are entitled to damages compensation, and the defendant’s insurance company may contact you to try to resolve your claim. A settlement offer may first be received with relief. You will have money to pay for your medical bills and fix your automobile without hiring a lawyer and filing a personal injury claim. It would be beneficial if you did not get easily carried away because the insurer will need you to sign a release before paying you.

Be Mindful of Your Speech

Knowing the defendant in an accident claim or lawsuit is essential to determining who pays, and statements made at the accident scene are crucial pieces of evidence. You might be mistaken; therefore, you should use caution when speaking. It is primarily true in the aftermath of your accident, when you may be in agony, and when your scene is probably filled with increased tension. What you say can also be used against you and weaken your case. 

Gather Information Linked to the Accident 

Gather as much information about the collision if you are not hurt. You can alight your car and walk around. Gathering information from everyone involved in your commercial vehicle accident is part of the documentation process. Make sure to gather the following:

  • Name, contact details, and residential address of the truck driver.
  • The license details of the commercial truck driver.
  • The commercial truck driver’s insurer.
  • The truck’s registration information.
  • The name of the driver’s employer, the trucking company, and their information.

Record Witnesses’ Names and Contact Details

After an accident, witnesses could mean the difference between collecting compensation and being held liable for the truck driver’s losses and damages. It can be difficult to find witnesses weeks or months after your accident. Even if you locate them, they may no longer vividly recall the specifics of the crash.

The passengers in the commercial vehicle are the most obvious witnesses to your crash. However, their claims lack credibility if the passengers include the driver’s family or coworkers.

Ask your witness to write and sign a statement outlining what they saw and heard if they are receptive and your allegation is supported by what they say. You can also use your phone to record the statement.

Hire an Experienced Attorney

Retaining an accident lawyer is crucial, even if you aren’t sure whether the truck driver was to blame for the crash. It would be best to contact an accident attorney in Alaska since a commercial vehicle collision involves various legal issues.

The trucking firm and its insurance provider work with skilled attorneys to avoid paying out a huge compensation. In addition to handling discussions with the defendant and their insurance provider, your attorney will undertake investigations and gather and preserve evidence.

A commercial vehicle can potentially result in severe harm and property damage due to its enormous size. Therefore, it’s crucial to know what to do following a collision. Hire a competent accident driver to gather and examine the evidence and identify the defendant.

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